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Online wedding registry to pay for your actual wedding or party. At Eclectic Eats we understand the struggles a young couple might have and we would like to ease their mind in regard to payment for your wedding. We created this unique registry just for that.

Your friends and family can help you PREPAY for you celebration with no need to wait till the day off your wedding. 


Wedding can take a toll on your savings. Wether you have strong or bad credit, we will do out best to secure a loan to pay for your special day. Surprisingly a wedding loan often offers lower rates, easier payments and flexible terms when compared to credit advances.

This service is offered though an accredited landing company affiliated with Eclectic Eats. The loan decisions and payments are structured by the lending bank. Eclectic Eats works as a liaison and does not hold any responsibility or liability towards either the lender or the borrower. 

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